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Spin Doctors – a rant March 23, 2009

Filed under: Political Commentary,Rant — merrywether @ 5:09 pm

Maybe it’s just me, but really I doubt it is…

In the news quite frequently lately are the stories of the panhandling banks who the Taxpayers took pity on, continuing to purchase items which Joe Q. Public (who has been out of work for a year and a half and is subsisting on Ramen noodles and Kool-Aid) might consider “extravagant” or “a blatant example of entitlement and rampant disregard for what is good and decent”. Take for example the most recently reported foibles of JPMorgan Chase (a TARP billion bucks prize winner – did Ed McMahon bring them their check?) as reported on today(see link at the bottom of my entry for the whole article). Seems as if the folks at JP are continuing with plans to build some multi-million dollar luxury airplanes and refurbish an airplane hangar to house said planes for another 18 million dollars (but hey, they’ll build it green and put a rooftop garden on it, so what’s the fuss??).

In response to this news, the company spin doctors have released a statement saying they’re not using any taxpayer money for this particular venture. WHAT???? Why does it matter *which* of their piggy banks it comes from???  The fact is that JPMorgan Chase, and the other bignamecan’tfailorelsewe’llbeintotalanarchy banks needed money – our money. We begrudgingly gave it to them, and now they’re using it as proverbial toilet paper, or a petty cash account, or a rainy day fund. Ohhhhh……you’re using YOUR money for this and not OUR money – I get it now!!!! How silly of me!!!! Then JP, you won’t mind paying back that loan immediately, since you no longer require it!

I cannot fathom, no matter how hard I try, how ANY response other than “you’re right generous public, we screwed up and we’ll stop it right now and spend responsibly” could be considered reasonable and sane by a company who has taken so much from so many who have precious little. We cancelled our Disney vacation in 2008 after my husband was laid off from his job in late 2007, and as he still has not secured a full time job, the funds still do not exist for our trip. So I propose a solution to JP Morgan Chase’s public relations debacle –  they should offer their luxury planes to the taxpaying public for occasional recreational use – perhaps create a travel agency solely for this purpose – my family misses its trip to visit Mickey, and this would ease my aversion somewhat to corporate stupidity. Maybe.


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