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small, but important repairs August 13, 2009

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small, but important repairs

Spider Man Band-Aids
for cuts and scrapes

kisses and hugs
for bumps and tears

words of praise
for little, easily-bruised egos

a lollipop
to relieve boredom
during grocery store and bank trips

a sticker
after being brave
for the nurse’s needle

a gentle caress
of a cheek or chin,
to smooth a furrowed brow

a security blanket or night light
to ward away the monsters of the dark

a parent’s backrub
that tells a little one
that he’s








                                                Kim Sutherland


2 Responses to “small, but important repairs”

  1. Janis Enciso Says:

    I sooo love this. Something I never really thought of all at once and allll ohhh so true. (And even tho I have girls…they do have an affity for Batman bandaids. heehee)

  2. Jake Says:



    This really works well and I love the way the poem tapers off at the end. The real-ness of this poem is its strength. It’s easy for me to picture all of these events (and it’s not because I know you and Frankie, although it sure does help!).

    Maybe think about standardizing the stanzas, so all three lines, or four, so the poem is very even, but then changes in the end so it’s more emphasized. Just try tightening it up and see what it looks like.

    This is great though, and I think you’ve got the right sentiment and softness.

    Let me see if you do furthur drafts…


    Your nephew Jake

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