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Taber’s Knoll August 13, 2009

Filed under: Poetry,Uncategorized,Writing — merrywether @ 7:42 pm

A poem inspired by a recent visit to Fort Taber in New Bedford, MA.


Taber’s Knoll

Disheveled thyme green knoll

pedestal to local history

standing stalwart against

cerulean skies,

lemon-kissed sunshine,

and ocean breeze whispers

Holds the ramparts
in honor of toiling hands and broken backs

Bricks now graffiti-adorned
where freedom fighters

Weeds work their way across the rotting threshold

where civilians are no longer welcome-

but content to travel the perimeter

in ignorance

to the crimson blood and salty sweat of sacrifice,

with which the sneakers on their feet were bought.


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