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About the Fairy February 21, 2009

Merryweather is the blue fairy godmother (her sisters are Fauna and Flora) from Sleeping Beauty. I identify with Merry not only because I sorta physically resemble her šŸ˜® , but because she’s spunky, optimistic, and loves life. That’s me in a nutshell! So besides a spunky optimist, what else should you know about me? I make my living as a special needs teacher for students with social and emotional deficits. I’m a mom, wife, daughter, and sister. I’m passionate about love, writing, andĀ imagination – which would explain my love of all things Disney. My aim for This Fairy’s LifeĀ  is to just pour the poems, thoughts and/or ideas that have been pinging around in my head into this blog for my own enjoyment, and maybe you’ll like what you read once in awhile, too – that would please me. So pour yourself a cuppa, and come sit for a spell – grab a blanket – it’s chilly out!


One Response to “About the Fairy”

  1. gloria Says:

    You are indeed 100% magic……and this now confirms my Merryweather wonderings…..welcome to the world of blog. BibbityBobbityBlog!

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